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Bennett & McMahon have been increasing our profile in Ghana with personnel now in situe.

For some time now we have overseen various projects including the co-ordination and supply of container equipment to one of our Tema based principals. Predominantly the shipments emanating from Ghana have been sourcing major projects in Soyo, Conakry, The Congo, Malabo and Port Gentil. These shipments will service accommodation requirements for companies involved in the oil & gas exploration and construction sectors. Over the last 12 months we have been responsible for the movement of a large amount of cargo for our principal for this major overall project. Utilising a mix of standard containers, out of gauge flat racks and conventional vessels Bennett & McMahon Agencies have provided full operational and logistical support.


Bennett & McMahon Agencies have specialist links in the West African shipping market. With agencies in all ports they are able to offer convenience to shippers in both Europe and their consignees in West Africa. You will receive knowledgable advice an all your shipping requirements from all our staff who regularly undertake visits to our operations in Lagos-Apapa-TCI-Onne in Nigeria and Tema-Takoradi-Kumasi and Accra in Ghana.

Representing shipping lines directly and indirectly through guaranteed slot charter agreements, we can provide a service that suits your cargo needs. As the low cost cargo option we offer customers “Your Freight Solution”.


Nigeria – Useful Information / Did You Know?

The Boss: President Goodluck Jonathan (Elected in 2009).
Exporting: Destination Inspection was introduced in the early
part of 2006.

Population: 125 million (approx.)
Ports: Lagos & Onne. Congestion continues to be problematic
especially at Apapa Quays.
Local Currency: Naira.
Import Duty: Tariff is reviewed every 3-4 years.
The duty tariff payable on goods is calculated on the basis of the invoice value of the goods,converted at the prevailing inter-bank foreign exchange rate.
VAT: October 2005 = 5%.

Banned Imports: See Import Prohibition List for Trade (click here to view/download).

Recommended Hotel: Eko Hotel, Victoria Island, Lagos.
Thirsty, Hungry Pub-Good Food: Pat’s Place,V.I.
Really, really useful information: When hiring a car get a good driver, grand prix experience is preferable. Car must have decent air conditioning!


Ghana – Useful Information / Did You Know?

Ghana has had 10 civilian and military governments since Independence in 1957.

The Boss: President John Atta Mills, New Democratic Congress (NDC) elected in December 2008.
Exporting: Destination Inspection has been operating for many years.

Population: 21 million (approx.)
Ports: Tema & Takoradi. Major developement in Tema with new container terminal opening 2006.
Local Currency: The local currency is Cedi’s.
Import Duty: Basic Customs Duty payable on 20% of the C.I.F.valueof imported goods.
VAT: October 2005 = 12.5%.

Recommended Hotel: Golden Tulip, Accra.
Thirsty, Hungry Pub-Good Food: Star or ABC or Club or Guinness beer. Ryans Irish Bar,Osu (off Cantonments, Oxford Street, Martin Ryan proprietor).
Really, really useful information: Greetings in Ghana are important. New arrivals to the country should try to remember not to greet, eat, direct or give things out with the left hand. All greetings start with a handshake and start from the right and work round to the left-no matter the hierarchial structure of the welcoming group. A lack of a formal greeting in a public forum indicates impoliteness and disrespect.

A more recent phenomenon in the Ghanaian handshake is to slide back the hand and click the thumb and middle finger on release. Ghanaians will appreciate it if you can master this, but no one will take offence if you do not. But it should only be used/attempted when there has been prior acquaintance and should not be used in formal settings.

area Map

Below is a map of West Africa with the places that we trade with.

West Africa Map

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