Who We Are

CELEBRATING 2O YEARS IN BUSINESS,JUNE 1994-JUNE 2014.The agency was founded by two directors, Ralph Bennett and Michael McMahon, who established the company in 1994 and between them have over 40 years experience in shipping, freight and international transport.In 2014 the company has now completed 20 successful years trading and with continued organic growth annual sales now exceed GBP £13M (EUR 15M / USD 22M).

About Us

Bennett & McMahon Agencies Limited are a fully independent worldwide liner, forwarding and logistics agent based close to the Port of Liverpool, England.

The company was incorporated on 6th June 1994 and as we end 2014 Bennett & McMahon Agencies Limited has the depth of 20 years of building relationships with both customers and suppliers.The company has evolved into an internationally renowned operation supported with a worldwide agency network.

Our company workforce are expertly trained and ready to assist you.
The company has historically had a very low turnover in staff.
We believe by creating a dynamic and stimulating workplace that such an environment ultimately benefits customers and suppliers alike.All departments are headed by experienced and well travelled shipping professionals fiercly proud on how their performance is perceived.

We sincerely hope that we can continue to offer the benefit of our services to all our customers old and new!

So take a look around at our website and see what we can do for you!

Ralph Bennett & Michael McMahon
Directors and co-founders of Bennett & McMahon Agencies Limited

Incorporating Elder Dempster 2001 Limited

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